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What is Mandala?
The word 'mandala' loosely translates to mean circle, in the Indian language Sanskrit.

Image by Mehndi Training Center


Mandala dates back from the 4th century and first appeared in India, Tibet and Nepal to service Buddhism and Hinduism.  They are now created throughout the world and used in many ways.  

Image by Joshua Woroniecki

Mandalas were produced to assist with meditation; the symbolic diagram used during meditation helps to gain knowledge from within, support balance, peace and tranquillity.  They aid with concentration and the feeling of calmness.   



The circular designs symbolise the universe, with the intention that life is never ending, and everything is connected.  

Mandalas allow you to push aside thoughts and stresses from the day and let your creative mind flow.

Tea Light Holder 3.jpg


Mandalas have a strong link to creativity.  We have total freedom with design, shape, canvas and colours.

Using your inner creative mind or by simply copying from another design, there is no right or wrong way.  Some design mandalas and they choose the colouring of the mandala for meditative purpose and set the intention.  Others design theirs out of creative interest and relaxation and allow the colours to flow based on the influences that surround them. 


About you

Whatever design path you take, we believe that every shape and colour symbolises an unconscious aspect about you.

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